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SWEDISH/ESALAN MASSAGE...the traditional relaxation massage using a combination of techniques in order to also meet the individual's need for added health benefits.
60 minutes full body session $ 60.00
90 minutes " " " $ 90.00

DEEP TISSUE THERAPUTIC MASSAGE...this massage is recommended for muscle fatigue, chronic pain, spasms, and limited range of motion.
60 minutes $ 75.00

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE...this excellant anti-stress treatment uses pure aromatic essential oil blends combined with a light, rhythmic technique to ease tired, tense muscles and calm the racing mind.
60 minutes $ 75.00

CELLULITE MASSAGE...this unique massage incorporates the use of a special blended essential oil to draw toxins out and encourage the elimination of water and a pre-massage dry skin brushing.
75 minutes $ 75.00
**This can be combined with a special formulated bath for cellulite before the massage.
120 minutes $110.00

CRYSTAL MASSAGE...this stimulating, stress releaving, balancing massage using traditional Japanese acupressure techniques along with new age crystal massage tools.
60 minutes $ 75.00

UPON REQUEST...Polarity Therapy, Accu-therapy, Tuina, Touch for Health, and Geriatric Massage sessions.